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A Permanent Magnetic Lifter is a device used for lifting and transporting ferrous (magnetic) materials such as steel sheets, plates, blocks, and components. It utilizes the power of permanent magnets to create a strong magnetic field that adheres to the ferrous materials, allowing them to be lifted and moved without the need for external power sources.


No Power Required
Permanent Magnetic Lifters do not require electricity or batteries to function, as they rely on the inherent magnetism of the permanent magnets.

Simple Operation
Operating a Permanent Magnetic Lifter is straightforward and usually requires only one operator, making lifting and moving tasks relatively easy.

Quick Adhesion
These lifters can quickly attach to and lift ferrous materials simply by placing them on the lifting surface of the device.

The magnetic force generated by permanent magnets is relatively stable, reducing the likelihood of the lifted materials detaching during the lifting process.

Strong Magnetic Force
Permanent Magnetic Lifters can generate strong magnetic forces, allowing them to handle heavy and large ferrous objects effectively.

These lifters do not require ongoing power consumption, resulting in cost savings over time compared to powered lifting equipment.


Manufacturing and Fabrication
In manufacturing plants, Permanent Magnetic Lifters are used to move steel sheets, plates, bars, and other ferrous components during fabrication and assembly processes.

These lifters are employed in construction projects to lift and position steel beams, girders, pipes, and other metal structures.

Metal Processing
In metalworking operations, Permanent Magnetic Lifters aid in handling and transporting metal sheets and parts for cutting, welding, and machining.

Material Handling
They are used in warehouses and logistics centers for moving heavy metal products and components.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters are used in shipyards to handle metal components for ship construction and maintenance.

Maintenance and Repair
In maintenance and repair tasks, these lifters assist in moving heavy machinery and equipment made of ferrous materials.

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