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Wire Rope Puller

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Wire Rope Puller

ABLE WRP need not accompany a wire - drum for rolling up wire rope, and is therefore small in size, light in weight, By moving the handle, left and right, wire rope passes through. ABLE WRP as if it were hauled hand by mean of two chucks equipped inside the body. This is very simply done and no experience is necessary.

1. Measures small and light.
2. Equipped with two ssafety devices, and this guarantees safe operations.
3. Wire rope is draw out straight, by distant operations regardless of wire lengths.
4. Transmission spped 3 meters per minute, and this is the fastest among all hand-driven hauling devices.
5. Wire rope can be used at any working degrees.
6. Equipped with a safety hook, preventing wire rope from coming off while operation.
7. Most rationally planned, designed and durable.

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